Monday, April 18, 2011

It's awful quiet up in Wisconsin right now

isn't it?
They held an election for a state judge and as soon as the unions thought they stole enough votes- they declared "the will of the people" supported the roits demonstrations.

But, ummm- no. Those union thugs lost by over 7,000 votes.

I hope that wasn't a wake-up call, because we need them reminding people of what they'll all about for the next 19 months. Come on SEIU, NEA, OFA, IBEW, CWA- keep convincing people of how needed you are.

Do it again, only harder.

Remember to keep it classy!


  1. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Just like an attorney. When you have no facts, no arguments, no logic, no discourse, you go for personal attacks.

    Wonderful. But typical.


  2. It's awful quiet up in Wisconsin right now

    :) grinning ear to ear.


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