Sunday, April 17, 2011

And here I thought that the Republicans caught a clue

from the last election. I mean it almost looked like we did something, however small about starting to start slowing the money hemorrhage.
No matter what those Washington insiders like that fucking ASSHOLE Pete Meachum says about that 0.00000001% they cut from the debt, it was still too small.

Now, I wonder are the Republicans going to roll over for Tim Geithner's raising the budget ceiling? Tax cheat Tim says it's already in the bag. Maybe, is that why our first negro decided that it was safe to come out slamming everything not Liberal in his last teleprompter reading?

That Republicans have no balls to stand up to these Chicago mobsters?
Why not vote to just remove the ceiling? Nobody but some mind blown hippie thinks it matters anyway.


  1. It's the same ol thing Kurt. Those in office are worrying about being re-elected already. IF they had a clue, they would stand up and say "I don't give a damn about being re-elected, I'm doing what's right" AND do what they said they'd do. The reason they got there in the first place.. I guess that's asking too much.

  2. Well, I've got two Senators to vote against and we'll see about my new Republican Rep.


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