Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Filling out my Sekrit Skwirll papers

Because I need to be vetted by the Navy to fuel their jet trainers in a minor airfield in S. Texas. I found out today, that the company can't hire me until I get the .gov background check done.

Does anyone know how long it takes- or since it won't be rubber stamped because I'm not an Obamanite- how thorough they'll be?


  1. Drop me a note - depends on type and grade :).

  2. My son had it done to work in a FBI building. It started Monday he was cleared by Wednesday. He's been working in very high clearance areas ever since.

  3. What Linoge said. I've seen them run a few days like Bushwack's son to a few months for a deep background. You should get a chance to ask the investigators and they'll have a better feel for the time frame.


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