Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When your only tool is a hammer

Yeah, so BP has to try something different because top kill didn't work.

I'm not an oil patch expert, but I'm wondering why they don't try inserting a one-way expandable plug into the hole. You know, something that would catch against the casing wall as it was forced in, and then expanded like a plumbers test plug when it was where they needed it.
Or- when the cut the pipe flush, secure a flexible pipe or hose to it, that way once it's secure they can squeeze it off. That's what we'd do in our natural gas department.
After it's squeezed shut, put a valve on it and pump the oil to the surface.

But like I said, I'm no expert.

What I'm not is a member of the Obama administration who is overly represented by a buttload of lawyers who's ONLY response to anything they don't like is to sue.
"That top kill didn't work- Rham send some lawyers down their to see if any of our millions of conflicting environmental laws were broken."

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  1. "How many lawyers does it take to stop an oil leak?"
    "Four or five, if you stuff 'em in real tight."


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