Friday, July 23, 2021

Tx DPS abd BP getting ready for something

 As soon as I turned onto the road to Eagle Pass from Uvalde I was seeing DPS on the southbound side of the highway- 2 to 3 abreast. All the way into Eagle pass- a good 2 hours of nothing but road, gates and cops.

When I came back via HWY 57 (to I 35) and went through the Border Patrol checkpoint, they were all vested-up and packing more than normal.

I wonder if we'll be hearing anything about Xidens guests?

And I doubt we'll have to worry about OPSEC and the cartels reading this little blog at the end of the galaxy.

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  1. Tx DPS are patrolling I35 south of the turnoff to Eagle Pass. I see them about every 2 miles on the way to Carrizo. And I am glad they are there. Thanks you Texas State Troopers and all LE who help keep South Texas safe.