Thursday, July 22, 2021

Good! They well deserved that loss

 The women's national soccer team knelt in disrespect to the flag before their last game in the Olympics and (I guess it's bad) got their butts kicked 0-3.

They're supposed to be the best in the world, but lost their 44 game winning streak in front of probably the biggest audience they've had in a year.
I don't know why out tax Dollars are supporting a professional team anyway.

Jesse Owens had to go the the German Olympics on his own dime, and he knew real racism, Jim Crow laws and segregated drinking fountains. Yet he was still proud to represent America.

Jim Thorpe Lost his Olympic medals because he played on a minor league baseball team three years before the 1912 Olympics......... and still didn't hate the country he came from.

Though shit you thankless cunts who worship the cult of antiAmerican wokeness.
I hope you lose all your games.

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  1. Better yet, I hope they loose their funding. Ungrateful bitches