Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why yes, San Antonio is run by Democrats

and so is Bexar County.
Which is why along with a light rail system (that's unfunded and unpopular) we just got a pre-pre-K city run school which just got voted a .25% sales tax (against popular notions also).

Now, the brain trust that keeps getting voted back into office has decided to create a BOOKLESS Library.
And no-one has mentioned a problem with spending money on funding something that you have to actually travel do what you're doing on line right now--reading off a computer in the comfort of your own home, office or smart device.

Oh, and nowhere I could find tells how it's financed...


  1. You might not find where the funding is coming from, but you can be damned sure, your going to pay for it. Sounds just like Austin to me, good luck.

  2. Bookless libraries are cool, and the demand for "borrowed" e-books is huge. They're also a lot cheaper to run, even with on-site devices for people who don't own e-readers or PCs. BUT...lending out e-readers is going to be a money pit. People don't "keep" library materials because they want to own them, they keep them because they're too disorganized or irresponsible to return them, and those are the kind of people who don't give a shit about fines and replacement fees, since they never pay anyway.

  3. But but but doncha know it's for the children...................
    Nope, not really - anyone not experiencing a rectocranial inversion realizes it is all to do the bidding of hizzoner da mayor (his political ambitions notwithstanding). Don't forget that a non-dem was elected to Sheriff of Bexar County this go round, there is hope that enough folks will wake up in the future.

  4. Oh come on now, you KNOW you HAVE to spend the money for the rampant bulk of administrators it will take to efficiently and courteously run the facility! Even though it's online. . .



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