Sunday, April 07, 2013

I just got done shopping at Wally-world

The most expensive thing I got was a $19 co-pay for BP meds.
I walked out with four bags and spent almost $100.

Thanks Barry- I f&cking appreciate the way you're taking care of business.

When you're not taking some hugely expensive vacation somewhere expensive on my Dime.

Oh, and I'm not shopping for a family of four anymore, just me and the wife...



  1. When I look at the cost of food, utilities, medicine and damned near everything else I have to purchase, I become more angry at the Progressive idiots and their savant leader. They think they're pulling a fast one. In reality, the repercussions will change generations.

  2. C'mon, get REAL, you KNOW you're not paying NEARLY enough in taxes in order to more vigorously support those who purposely choose not to work. They simply want more Free Cheese.

    Now just cut loose with some more cash, sir, and just STFU.


  3. I would prefer he take more (and longer) vacations. He does less damage when he’s away.