Thursday, April 11, 2013

So, it wasn't "The Little People"?

That made the door in that San Fran Elm tree.

It was actual boat people, and they came forward to take credit.
Knowing the eco-nuts in San Fransisco, I'd bet they'll be up on charges of some kind soon.

Not that I'm surprised that it was people that did it, what made me post about this is the authors complete lack of ...umm.... giving regular people credit for something I hope any of my readers could do in about 5 minutes with a jig-saw or band saw--

Tony is a skilled craftsman with the chops necessary to shape and carve wood, the blog reported.

F'ing seriously?
How hard does Chris Roberts think hacking a chunk of waste wood into a vaguely lopsided triangle is?   


  1. Chris Roberts probably doesn't know which end of a saw to use.

  2. It would take me a few days because I would have patterned it out, cut the wood so the grain was vertical and then plained and sanded it.

    But if I did it the way he did - ten minutes, tops and that includes attaching the hardware and hanging it.