Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The more there is, the less it's worth

And we see that in the ever increasing demand for degrees in what used to be HS diploma jobs.
The more Big Education pushes college degrees, the more watered down degrees are out there for people who can't do HS Senior work, so now to make a demand for those worthless degrees- even McDonalds is starting to require bachelors degrees for being a farging cashier.


  1. I have two degrees, don't use either, and wish I'd gone for a tech or vocational school.

  2. When I was running the gas dept. in Port Aransas, I was making more than people with degrees who were working on the island.

    I'm working at Lackland using my CE training I got in the Navy making even more doing electrical distribution work, but I can't be a sub-manager at a stop-N-rob for$14/hr.