Friday, March 01, 2013

So I got done with my other job today

And Karen and I went to Hondo for dinner, where we found every eatery almost brimming with customers. After ending up at Pizza Hut with almost no customers (for good reason), I realized that it was March 1st and the Sequester didn't affect all those .GOV handouts today.

This brings up two important points:
1- If your old boss really needs someone to use a rock drill, it's ok to get $20/hr (cash) for sitting on a noisy machine for 8 hours.

2- That fiscal cliff we're supposed to worry about is more like a sidewalk curb.


  1. Or perhaps a pebble in your shoe.


  2. I read the sequester is grounding Biden. That's bad. If he's in Washington, he might do something stupid, instead of saying something stupid.

  3. The real fiscal cliff was when Social security stopped being a net gain to general revenues and became a net sink. After that, a balanced budget became a mathematical impossibility. Everything since then has just been squabbling over how to loot the estate before the new owners take possession.

    1. The first time I heard the Dems (well Congress- I was in HS) were going to 'borrow' money from SS and put in an IOU- I asked all the adults I knew..."Don't the taxpayers put money into SS? Then how will they repay it without taking more?"

      I don't think I ever got more than a startled sputter as an answer.