Sunday, March 03, 2013

Good morning!

Lackland AFB 0635 Thursday Feb 28


  1. Great picture !

    I remember seeing a few sunrises like that back in 1981 when I spent a few weeks at Lackland.

    Thanks for the {{shudder}} memories :)

    1. So.....
      Should I take a pic of the soon-to-be-demolished dorms for your memories?

    2. Trying to think back to which barracks Flight 3703 was in :)

      I'm not sure it is possible for me to remember that far back. We were in one of the newer ones; but new in 1981 probably doesn't mean much now.

      Are the building new barracks or is Boot camp moving away from Lackland?

    3. Dorm complexes with a pool, gym, medical, ...
      About five stories tall and somewhere around $300 million each.
      I think there are five planned- they're finishing up the first three now.

  2. By the way, just wanted to let you know about the Dallas Area Blogshoot happening on Memorial Day weekend this year.

    A bunch of gun bloggers and my friends/family are going to be getting together at the private range I belong to. First blog shoot had 17 people attending. 2nd one had 30!

    I'm planning on a full day of shooting fun broken up by a lunch. I'll be providing hamburgers/hot dogs and asking folks to help out there.

    The range has skeet/trap, archery and 6 pistol rifle ranges from 25 yards out to 200 yards.

    Hope you'll think about making a run up and joining us for the day.

    1. I'd like to but it's on the far side of a week-end drive for me, besides my old boss has me working Saturdays molesting Gaea with a rock drill.