Sunday, March 17, 2013

A lot of people are talking about Cyprus

And the EU demand that savings be stolen to fund their bailout.

They're wondering if it will happen here, and when.
It HAS already happened here, you probably don't remember the UAW GM bailout that stole some 90% of  stockholders property and gave it to the UAW for their payoff in getting 0bama elected- do you?


  1. "They're wondering if it will happen here, and when." Yes, and in a few short years, if that long.

  2. With one MAJOR exception:

    Obaka didn't demand that the government dip into your PERSONAL savings accounts to the tune of 10% or more.

    That's, in my opinion, not even CLOSE to bailouts. There's that, yes; there's also TAXATION in addition to a MANDATED savings tax.

    Why the FUCK would ANYone "save" any more -- ??


  3. The fed is pumping 80 billion dollars a month into the economy. Wonder why gas prices are double what they were when Obama was elected?

    The government is stealing our money.

    Food prices up, stock prices up, costs across the board are up. The .gov doesn't have to dip into everyone's savings; it is stealing the money before it every makes it that far.

    And don't forget that Roosevelt confiscated gold at a set price (some $20 per ounce) and then weeks later set gold price at $30 something dollars per ounce.

    It has already happened in America, it is already happening in America and if we don't change soon, it will get worse.