Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something to think about

Remember the MSM and it's Democrat allies in DeeCee complaining about Bush when the gas prices were this high?
Then we also had those evil, greedy oil Speculators running up the price of gas just to hurt poor people.

Kinda quiet out there in Liberal-land right now isn't it?


  1. Was reading an article on this last night. Problem isn't oil supply, which is supposedly stable; it's refinery capacity. We've had far too few refineries for decades now (NIMBY problems) and the old refineries can't easily adapt to different types of crude oil (apparently fracking-style crude differs from free pumpable crude), and you also need the pipeline network to transport the crude from any new refineries. In other words, lack of infrastructure.

    1. Ok, but where is the Lamestream Media pointing fingers?

  2. Oh yeah.

    Imagine that.

    NICE to have the ENTIRE AMERICAN MEDIA in your pocket.

    I don't know of ANY president who enjoyed this MASSIVE paradigm.


  3. It's quite in liberal land because there's a huge amount of domestic oil being retrieved under liberal landowner's property and it's fetching a good price, thanks to the efforts of the Obamnites and the EPA.