Friday, February 01, 2013

Dear gun-grabbers

I just wanted to let you know that whatever you do, there's a workaround.

I was just surfing Gunbroker and decided to see what they had in unregisted and unregulated pistols.
See these are that way because YOU people think they're not dangerous.
So they can be bought by anyone, through the mail any time- without background checks and records.
Because they only shoot that antique black powder and we can see where you are!

BUT WAIT! There's more- If you have a .44 Remington- you can buy this to make it a modern pistol firing .45 Colt LC.

Granted, it's not a Glock with the power to kill thousands at one time, but it's an unregistered, unregulated modern firearm that the .GOV doesn't know we have.

Or- we could just make our own EBRs too.

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  1. I had several firearms bought through gun shops and several more bought through private sellers with no government paperwork, legal in my jurisdiction. Funny, though, they were all lost in that awful canoe accident a few months back.