Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don't. Bunch. Up!

Every time we did something military when I was a Sea Bee we were always told "don't bunch up!"

Because when you do on patrols or stumbling into an ambush site it makes it easier to kill you all.

That's the first thing I thought of when I read about that new III Citadel Project up in the frozen north of Idaho.

Then I thought of Waco and Ruby ridge and what would happen when 0bama turns *real* firepower on it.


  1. All they've done is paint a big bullseye on their compound, and subject themselves to being demonised as a "cult."

  2. The Citadel is not about defying .gov. It's about having each others back and being in a safe place to live if/when the SHTF.

    I don't think either of you guys believe that Rightful Liberty is a you?
    Chuck Myhre

    1. I didn't say that.
      What I said was that when Obama turns the heavy firepower on them- they'll all be in one spot waiting for an A-10 to let loose with that 30MM ripsaw.

  3. Dude this "project" is being run by Cristain Hayden AKA cristan keroden AKA sam Keroden .He is a convicted federal felon, a con man ,fraud, federal rat, and coward.He has repeatedly used his BLOGS to call on III%ers to; Kill children, use women and children to clear mine fields ECT. This guy is TOATAL asshat scum. This "project" is a scam. Probly set up by "Sams" handelers in the FBI.

  4. I can't agree with you enough, and I'm reminded of what Heinlein said about rubbing blue mud in your belly button being a survival behavior.

    Much though I wish things wouldn't get asymmetrical that's the only way things would happen, in that case giant concentrations of the opposition are a gift-wrapped bundle.

  5. After looking at the pretty pictures on their site I have one question:

    Walls with towers and turrets?? Are they expecting the Normans to attack?