Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I call Bullsh1t- Tommy Williams

For anyone outside of Texas, we have a Lege that meets every two years.
This is the year they meet to decide about taxes, laws and other things that affect the freedom-loving people of Texas.

One of the big things in the news is the fact that we have some $90 Billion in our "Rainy Day" fund and probably triple that in Tax revenues from the Eagle-Ford oil fields.

Naturally Democrats want to dump all of it into "Big Education".

One state Senator with an (R) behind his name from a district that is one mass of humanity from Houston to Conroe -Due to non-Texans immigrating want's to put a special tax bill up for consideration.

Which is complete Bullsh1t because it's a roundabout way for School Districts to unconstitutionally increase our property taxes beyond legal limits.

Here it is in all it's non-historical.......glory.
 If you didn't click the link- he wants a special taxation category to fund  the training and arming of Texas teachers!

UMmmmmmmmmm..except for those two loons yesterday at a COLLEGE, or the thing at Austin A&M, or the Bryan COLLEGE shootings................when is the last time anyone has gone into a TEXAS High School, Middle School or Grade School and shot ANYONE?

Yeah- none that I can think of either.
So WHY do we need ANOTHER tax for something that never happened?

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  1. I wrote him an email in response to my dislike of his proposal and agenda. Whether he reads it, or decides to go for a hamburger is the big question.


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