Tuesday, January 01, 2013

THIS is the reaso we have such distaine for Congress

It's bad enough that these creatures of DeeCee took the graft....
But to be told that ethically they did nothing wrong, because Congress doesn't HAVE normal moral and Standards..............is --over the top of Hubris.

I *know* it wrong to take something from someone I'm going to have to regulate, or make a rule about in the very near future. Because that's how I have been taught.
You *don't* take things from people that might have a way to influence you.
You don't even want to look like you're bed partners with someone like that.  We were taught that in the `80's military.
Even if you're NOT doing something wrong, don't do it anyway because it LOOKS like something is not right.

But thoe *Elites* in both houses of Congress can do anything they want, and f&ck the people that pay our salary, because we got a good deal on our re-fi'ed home mortgage from the same people we're supposed to stop from making illegal loans.

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  1. At one time, only a tiny few would even know of such scandals and the press would be silent.

    It's different now. The stench is becoming overpowering and the necessity to clean up the mess is becoming a necessary task.