Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'd jump on that deal

Intel Ba-bup-ba-bum is looking at per channel subscription broadband cable beamed direct to your TeeWee.

The cable companies who supply you with 400 channels (only 15 that you watch) say you won't go for it.
I would. I was paying DirecTV about $65 a month for about 250 channels of which about
-50% were were in Spanish -which I don't speak very well
-30% were mostly spots channels which hardly ever got watched.
-10% were shopping and religion
-5% dedicated to Liberal talking points (CNN, MSN......)
-And of the 5 or 6 what is now the
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives channel
American Pawn-Pickers
The Storage Wars channel
House Hunters channel

Yeah- I'd willingly pay for just the BBCAmerica channel.

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