Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are you smarter than....

Your average service member?

Take a sample ASVAB test and find out.
It used to take a minimum of 37 to get into the army, now that they're getting smaller- I hear you'll need a 50.
Good luck on this test made for a tenth grade education!

When I took it the first time- the detailer in Orlando stopped me on the way to my basic electronic class and tried to get me to covert to being a Nuk.
I told him I like seeing the sun, so I'd stay a Sea Bee TYVM.
I took it last week and got three points higher.

I guess nobody's looking for a 20 minute time waster.
I got 87 the first time it after being out of school for almost two years and this sample gave me a 90.


  1. Oh, and in 1983 when I took it to get into the Texas ANG, I maxed the entire battery.


  2. Boston in '80 and did fall for the nuke school bit. It was the Carter economy, give a guy a break willya!

  3. When I took the tests for the Navy back in the '70's, the recruiter told me "I had the highest score he'd ever seen". I wanted nuke school - he told me I was one year too old.

    So, never did go into the military.

    Got 90% on this test, with a few really stupid mistakes.

  4. Got a 92.79 on this one.

    I remember taking the ASVAB in 1977 and getting asked by a Major why the hell I wanted to enlist in the Marines with a score that high.

  5. I got the same question about enlisting for combat arms when they saw my scores for the Army.


  6. Took the test yesterday; first I've seen of it. Missed two questions because I didn't read it questions properly.

  7. Got a 99 in 1974. 85 today. Maybe I Am getting old.

  8. 99 back in '77, not interested to see how I've pickled my mind over the years. lol

  9. After I had agreed to go into the Army, but before I took the oath, the Navy recruiter called me up. When he asked what my ASVAB score was (he didn't have my file handy), I couldn;t recall, so he asked my planned MOS.

    "11 Bravo -- light infantry!"

    [dull, monotonous tone]
    "Would you like to be a gunner's mate? Maybe a bosun?"

    Then he found my file.

    "HEY! WANNA GO TO NUKE SCHOOL?!? Nuke on a sub is SWEET duty, son!"


    "No thanks, Chief. I like sunlight, guns, and sex with girls."

  10. I don't remember my score on the ASVAB, but I do remember the recruiter trying to get me to go nuke and promising a $5000 signing bonus if I did.

    I turned him down. Told him my dad said to never go on a ship that was designed to sink.

    Glad I didn't either. Once I was on the Nimitz I constantly heard those guys doing drills. I don't think there was ever a night I didn't hear drills going on.

  11. Very disappointed in my 90 score. Dumb mistakes. Shoulda had at least 4 more correct. Then again, I seem to have developed some really bad ideas about Ohm's law and forgot completely about what the symbol for square root is. Haven't seen that in a quarter century or more. That's what happens when you don't use an organ like the brain enough.

    Oh well. I wasn't very smart when I went in and I guess nothing's changed.

    Good blog. Like it more than my score, that's fersure.

  12. There is something seriously wrong with a test that only goes up to 99 rather than 100.

    1. It's taken off percentages of people who took it, not a straight grading system.

  13. 97.6%
    one math error,
    one couldn't remember solders melting temp,
    one circuit where I think their answer is wrong
    (parallel resisters in circuit)

    -- ARRognlie
    my Navy brat's a nuke - going on the Eisenhower, next.


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