Sunday, September 16, 2012

You have got to be shitting me!

Seriously Wal-Mart?
The middle of September?


  1. The local Hobby Lobby has had their trees and stuff up for several weeks now here... I keep hoping it will work like sympathetic magic and draw in some fall like temps. I'm ready for it.

  2. It is never too early to get ready. Costco has had stuff up since August.

    It is enough to make you buy remote land and live off the grid.

  3. Hobby Lobby puts their up early because of the nature of their business. The crafty folk are starting to make gifts and decorations for Christmas, which takes a bit longer than simply standing up a tree, hanging a couple strings of light, and throwing the tinsel on the tree.

  4. My mother would have a fit if anything related appeared before Thanksgiving.:)

  5. I want a silver-tinsel one with a color-wheel...


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