Saturday, September 15, 2012

It was NOT the film trailer

It was NOT that 14 year old girl with the scraps of Koran.
It was NOT the GIs with a Koran in a burn-bag.
It was NOT those Danish cartoons.

It was the Imams, Mullahs and other Islamic clergy taking orders from terrorists that inflamed those illiterate peons into rioting.

If you notice unless it's right after Ramadon, or some other significant date- the riots always start after Friday prayers.


  1. That this recent attack began on September 11th should be a clue for even the dimmest among us, unless they are part of the reelection campaign.

  2. Of course it wasn't. That movie has been out at least six months, while the trailer has been on youtube for at least two. The trailer was a ruse to attack the first two embassies in retaliation for a drone strike on one of al Qaeda's top sheikhs, and has snowballed into something far worse. And if you've lost track, the attacks have spread out of Africa and the Middle East to Belgium, Paris, Germany, Britain, Australia and God knows where else as of this minute.

    Our Campaigner-In-Chief and his incompetent Secretary of State must have some pretty damned sore knees this morning, what with all that bowing and groveling and apologizing that's been going on all weekend.