Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Priorities, everyone has them

For some it means going into work to try nipping a crisis in the bud.

For others it means staying on the phone while others are doing what they can to cut the fuse.

Last time something bad happened, both candidates went back to DeeCee and put on their official 'I'm a Senator' hat and looked like they were trying to *do something!*

This time around the leader of the free world and head cheerleader of the "Arab Spring" just can't be bothered with an act of war, arson and assassination to put a hold on his fundraising.
-And I'm not even going into that apology...


  1. Yeah..gotta go to Vegas to raise more money so he can get throw enough BS out there to flimflam the American public to give him 4 more years. Screw his constitutional duties.....gotta get reelected.

  2. I should be amazed, but I'm not. Obama is doing exactly what I expected him to do.

    While I'm angry at Islamic Extremists, I'm just as angry at the people that elected this dud of a President and the press. Their efforts are as much to blame as the Obamaspock's. In a perfect world, they'd all be in the hold of a freighter on the way to Utopia. (I know. It would be a long voyage and the food would probably not last. They'd have to resort to eating their unicorns.)