Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, lets see if I this right NYT

You are going to stop a 'widespread' practice called 'quote approval' and you had to think about this new policy for months?
So, the article doesn't say that it's an OLD policy. So when did it start?
During Willy Hursts starting the Spanish-American war?
During `Nam?
When you were going after Nixon?
When you were covering for Slick Willy?
When you started that whole 'Bush lied, people died' B.S.?
About four years ago?

...And if it's so widespread (and bad) why take months to make a decision?
It's right or it's wrong, yes or no.

But you're Liberals, so you don't *have* that moral compass that tells you something is wrong- you just have years and years of socialistic political mamby pamby mumbo-jumbo that tries to BE a moral code.

OR did it only become a problem when Romney wanted the same priviliges as your Chicago Jeezus?


  1. Try quoting your wife sometime and you'll understand why the second hand typing sounds like a good idea to the wife, a bad idea to you, that becomes a good idea to you under threat of the couch.


  2. Newspapers are taking a beating form the electronic media. They don't have the revenue they once had and they're beginning to realize their credibility is one flush away from the place their type of reporting belongs.