Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No ice cream for you!

The brain trust that is 2/3 of our overpaid laborers (the other one didn't show up again) spent all day with a jet-vac trying to find a buried phone line that I could have found in half an hour with a tea spoon.
They were looking for a line that was going into an OPEN pull box, but were pot-holing where the orange paint was - Because they were too stupid to look inside the OPEN box to see where it was.


  1. Vacuum excavators suck. Apparently, your utility locators do the same.

  2. If my dogs had opposable thumbs, I'd be able to tell them what to do and it would get done better than the three south San mexicans we are paying $5 more than they're worth.

  3. Would you like a Clue Bat? I think I have an extra one around here somewhere.

  4. We'd wear out that clue bat in a week.
    2/3's of them are always late, and I think the big reason is because they forget where they're working and have to remember by driving to old job sites....

    Putting pipe in the ground isn't rocket science, but every time they start- someone has to remind them "how" to do it right.