Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some job skills are universal

As an electrician everyone I work with knows basic things, these are encompassed in a 'law' called the National Electric code.
Some of these even a helper should know...
You can only put 360 degrees worth of bends in an uninterrupted run of conduit- that's 4- 90's, 2-90's and 4-45's, 3-90's and 2-45's...etc...
Any wire that is not white, green, tan, bare are considered either grounds or neutral. All others carry varying amounts of voltage.

That is an American standard that all electricians know.
If I had a helper that didn't know those basics, he wouldn't be working with me very long.

Now the Omnipotent One is asking his buddies in Congress to give Tim Geithner a pass as His new Treasury Secretary.
This college grad who's made his living in high finance all his life didn't know he had to pay taxes as an independent contractor?
Isn't that as basic as ballencing the books?

...And Congress is giving him a pass on it!
'It was an honest mistake, just ask Charley Rangell (D-the hood).'

BULLSHIT, it was tax fraud. It you or I tried that, the IRS would be on us like a freight train and just as caring.

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