Saturday, January 17, 2009

A comment from the afterlife

Tojo wants us to forward a comment to the Hammas terrorists.
Basically he's calling them a bunch of pansies and telling them to man up and face their enemies (like their women and childeren are).

I see your behavior and it just leaves me aghast.

I can understand the surprise terror raids and rocket attacks against an enemy. I've done that sort of thing myself, ask the Americans about Pearl Harbor. However what I do not understand is why you all start acting like a pack of whiny little bitches the moment the Israelis start fighting back.

Where are your balls?

Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we woke up the sleeping American giant, and it handed us our asses on a plate.

Did we go whining to League of Nations, saying that they were being "disproportionate?"


Because the Japanese are true warriors in the tradition of Bushido. When we pick a fight, and get slapped back, we don't cry and get our Iranian funded proxies to scream and rant in the United Nations. We fight, take our lumps, and win or lose, accept the end, and take responsibility for our actions.

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