Friday, January 02, 2009

A five day week-end

It's a nice thought, except that if you don't work you don't get paid.
I just got back from the bank and can see from the way people are driving, that SAPD and their emergency responders are going to be busy.

Going through Castroville I was almost broadsided by some senile old f ck an elderly gentleman crossing HWY 90.
Then on the way east to San Antonio, was made aware of my lack of speed by a black F-150 Fx4 and the way he was cutting lanes to get ahead of us. He finally made it to the head of the pack when we got to the 410 exit and he was able to get off about five cars ahead of me. I hope when he finds the wreck he's looking for, I don't know anyone involved.

Add the fact that it's a drizzly kind of day where the roads are kinda greasy feeling and I'm glad I'm home.
Now to see what I can do about a good looking prototype for my conduit bell-end maker.

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