Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israels innocent victims

Sorry, we're talking about Gaza where everyone who can walk is an enemy of Israel.
The population voted for Hammas to be their Representative government.
The 'civilian population' is actively assisting in stockpiling rockes, ammunition or explosives to use against Israel.
There is almost no one in Gaza that is an innocent bystander.

There are alot of brainwashed people out there- and not just in the territories (calling Hollyweird and the unsinkable Cindy Brown) who think that Israel somehow has less than a right to defend her people from indiscriminate rocket fire.

What I want to know is where -in the last 60 years- is this vaunted Islamic, Arab brotherhood who looks out for their unfortunate brothers?
I mean Israel isn't much bigger than New Jersey but can accommodate the returning faithful- BUT all the arab nations surrounding Israel can't find a piece of desert to relocate their fellow moslims? They force them to live in the security zone?

Not that I blame them- I wouldn't want them infecting my population with their 'rage against...power' because who would want to knowingly bring a rabid dog into their house?

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