Friday, January 16, 2009

Pick a spot and match your speed

That's the main idea when entering a limited access highway.
It works, too.
What doesn't work is you meandering up the on ramp at 40 MPH and expecting traffic to magically get out of your way.
OR, you're so intimidated by an under powered F-750 hauling a backhoe that you back off the gas a your merging- forcing him to use his brakes and then take the next three miles to get back his speed.
Stopping abruptly isn't a good idea either.

And in other driving I've told the girls if you're late you can't makeup time by driving stooopidly.
You'll either get a ticket or be in a wreck, and either of them will make you even later.
The wreck will take even more time and cost a hell of a lot more, too- if your lucky enough to be unhurt.
Not to mention all the people on the road behind you waiting for the wreck to be cleared will *hate* you with a passion and hope you die a horrible death.

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