Sunday, January 29, 2023

I know this guy is full of Hyprbole

 And his latest po(a)st about tanks to the Ukraine is the usual.... maybe.

Just wondering what anyone who knows tanks has to say about it?


  1. He's not fucked in the head.

    I don't think we're going to give them tanks without giving them training on the type.

    Going from one tank to another is a lot easier than transitioning from an infantry MOS to tanks. If you've chosen tanks, you're... Well, we're different.

    Being different, we take to the tank like ducks to water.

    I think that giving the Ukrainian tread-heads transition training and the tanks will work. I am less certain that 31 tanks is sufficient to do them much good.

    Also of note, the Polish are having no difficulty moving from T-72B3 to M1A2.

  2. The comments to the article seem to cover the basics. If the Ukrainians are doing well with the Soviet hardware, they might do OK with the Abrams. Logistics and maintenance will always be a struggle. All tanks have thin "roofs". The thin top is the target of the anti-tank weapons supplied to the Ukraine. I don't know how well the Russian top-attack drones perform. The Israelis noted the sensitivity of the Russian tanks due to the autoloader ammunition. I read that some Russian tanks have a protective cover over the ammo. In Iraq, the depleted uranium penetrators went right through the Soviet era tanks. In group brawls ( e.g. Battle of 73 Easting) the Abrams did very well. In the Ukraine there will be whole lotta Russians, maybe. It might be hard for Russia to replace those coming back in a box. Javelins, smart artillery rounds and rockets, intel and rifle ammo may prove to be more valuable than a few tanks. The only certainty is that neither the Russians nor the Ukraine/NATO/US are going to be telling the truth about what is going on. Such information might help the opponent.

    Russia has been rather open about its claims on much of Europe and the Europeans have been producing "toys" for just such a move. Russia seems willing to "spend" lives to get their dream. I guess we will see if determination, tactics, and smart munitions will balance out Russian blood. The Russian army collapsed during WWI.

  3. While everyone sits around and dickers about tanks, this is the real situation, the 800lb gorilla.