Sunday, September 05, 2021


 I'm an electrician.
When you flip the switch OFF- it opens the circuit.
So  you don't have to unscrew the bulb to save electricity.


  1. Wow, what an amazingly idiotic post that fellow wrote! I'm an electrical engineer, and I agree with you: unscrewing a light bulb will not save energy.

  2. This reminds me of an argument I got into with a guy I used to work with because I kept unplugging an old buzz box welder without flipping the switch off first.
    He just flipped out about it.
    I asked him, dude, do you know what is inside that On Off switch?
    Brass contacts. Just like the prongs on the cord and the receptacle in the wall. Same Same buddy.
    He just couldn't accept that.

  3. I'm not an electrician and I knew that
    That guy is dumb

  4. That makes me think of arguments with my wife about the thermostat. She doesn't understand it's nothing but a switch, and dropping it lower, when the ac is running, doesn't act like a throttle, and make the house cool faster.

    1. I've had to remind my boss that no matter how complicated the wiring- a motor controller is just a switch, too.

  5. Bwhahahaha! It's the little things that are hardest to grasp for some people.....

  6. You can't fix stupid but you can avoid listening to them.