Thursday, September 23, 2021

Different takes on happenings

 I was listening to two different talk shows at work yesterday (and this morning- I guess....same workday) and each had it's own take on what the Democrats are doing.

The first one is a local host- Jack Riccardi on KTSA (and sounds a lot different than he looks)
Who thinks that the way the Democrat leadership (Pelosi, Schumer,,,Duckworth....) are acting not worried at all about how their support is completely crumbling because of the meat pupped 0biden's actions show something bigger is going on.
Pelosi and Schumer owe their cushy jobs to staying in power, and neither one seems to want to do anything to stop the slide.

The other hand has Redeye radio with the two hosts Gary McNamera and Eric Harley (who also look a lot different than they sound).

Who both think the Democrats are running scared because of the problems whoever is running 0biden is causing. They think Democrats know what's coming and are trying to get whatever they can of their anti-American agenda through before they're all out of power.

I don't know sometimes I think they're to crafty to get into trouble -because they're the party of lies and deceit and knifing an ally in the back- by creating such (on the surface) self owns and someone deep behind he scenes has it all planned out for them to win at whatever they're playing for.

Another part can't understand WHY they're letting this go on- why Pelosi isn't screaming at whoever is controlling 0biden to stop fucking up her  agenda.


  1. Are demoncrats willing to sacrifice the House and Senate in 2022 just to do as much damage as they can for 2 years?

  2. They have demonstrated that they can steal any election in public view and get away with it. What do they have to worry about?