Tuesday, September 28, 2021

So why didn't you just LIE to him?

 You all didn't have a problem when you LIED to the CiC Trump when he told you to remove our troops from Syria.
You all did whatever you wanted in spite of what your constitutionally elected superior told you to do.

So why didn't you LIE to the meat puppet when he told you to abandon everything we had
(including civilians) in Afghanistan>

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  1. That is a question everyone needs to consider. I have. Watching America being taken down from within is so painful..

    You know another good question?

    Ask them how SCOTUS read the constitution and announced that abortion was legal.
    They don't Know. It's short and simple.
    The constitution guarantees the rights to those who are Born or Naturalized into America.

    Then ask them why they believe illegal aliens are supposed to be bathed in the rights and privileges of Americans.

    While they ignore our homeless veterans.

    It's disgusting.