Sunday, September 26, 2021

I told my boss something yesterday

 Ten years ago, and probably as late as five years ago- nobody probably would have even thought the words would come out of anyone's mouth.

"I had to reboot the truck twice yesterday to get the pumps to work."


  1. Yup. Just like on modern fire engines with the DEF exhaust (performing "REGEN, Keep Driving Until Message Clears") or the computerized engine/pump controls. Works great, until it don't. Alot to be said for the mechanical throttle and pressure relief valves.

    1. We deliver cooking oil to restaurants. The new trucks are still diesel as the prime mover, but the pumps are battery powered.
      When they work.
      If you don't boost the idle to over 10,000 it'll die after less than 5 minuets- which sucks in 100+ Texas temps........ so there is no fuel savings there.