Sunday, August 01, 2021

Yeah- Well Nancy, he's not the president anymore

 And probably won't be again.

Now do the Xiden family.


  1. " And probably won't be again.". You are a downer and I hope that you are wrong.

    1. I'd probably vote for him again, but the Democrat propaganda machine has pretty much ruined the brand for a lot of people.

      Our best hope is someone like DeSantis.
      He's as good on most issues as Trump without the mean tweets (rolling eyes emoji)

    2. He wouldn't have done any tweeting if the mainstream media had cut him some slack and acted positive about him at least once in a while. I must be to you that 'mean tweets' are telling it like it is. Calling a spade a spade, so to speak.

    3. Also, do you think the democrat propaganda machine would be nice or appreciative about DeSantis or ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN?

    4. I don't do twitter- so it doesn't matter to me.
      Most of the "outraged" liberals probably never read them either.
      I found it refreshing that Trump talked like a real person, instead of a politician that prethought every statement he makes.He would have kept tweeting because that's how he is.

      The media hated him as soon as he rode down that escalator at Trump Towers. They hated Bush too, but this was exponentially worse. They would never give him any slack.

      No- the media will never give any Republican running for president any slack.

      They were backstabbing both RINOs that ran against 0bama, but as soon as the race was over, Mittons and Beelzebub McCain were going against their fellow Republicans- all was cool in the press again.

  2. I hate that bitch. If she has one more facelift her cunt doctor will have to do it