Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Anyone with any common sense would have seen this from last year

 I didn't like it when Trump announced our pullout date from Afghanistan.

It gave terrorists time to plan and get ready to overtake an army that was only held together by money, not national pride- or anything else we as Americans would stay for.
It's an army of tribes, who would fight other tribes except for the U.S. keeping the lid on them.

But to just bug out in the middle of the night without forewarning anyone on the Afghani side was stupid and a sure way to let anyone know we didn't have their backs.

What da fuq did you expect to happen Milley? "Our intelligence told us it would be weeks or months before the entire country was under Taliban control".
I guess your intelligence was busy reading those books about "White Rage" you're so concerned about instead of -you know- actually giving good unbiased intel.

At least OrangeManBad would have had a reserve plan- instead of "EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!!"


Now- what's this supposed to be distracting us from closer to home?


  1. trump set up a whole agency dedicated to getting people out of hostile situation. biden defunded/disbanded it two months ago. hell, biden didn't even tell the brits, frence, germans or anybody else. they are furious as they tear ass around the stan to recover their people. meanwhile we wait at the airport? that's like telling someone in nazi germany "meet us in the uk and we'll fly you out".

  2. precisely, this crisis is a distraction.