Friday, August 27, 2021

So we got a speach yesterday

 I hear the meat puppet that call itself president went and read a teleprompter.

He mumbled about the attack on the airport and how we're going to be coming after the masterminds who did it.
After watching Operation Clusterfuck- I'm sure who did it is quaking in their bedroom slippers right now.
We're leaving civilians behind because our enemy won't do what we ask when we say Pretty Please.

Right now almost everyone thinks this is a failure of the worst kind.
Given what I heard from Richard Cantu on the way home from work this morning- the mumbling struck fear into ISIS- ISL...whatever.
In two or three week, with the lies of the propaganda wing of the DNC going full bore- this won't be a  complete fiasco.
In a month, those left to their fate will be deserving it and in two months 0biden will be a hero for walking away from the war on terrorism.

The next attack here (which probably will come from the southern border) will be OrangeManBads fault.


  1. Herschel Walker Releases Georgia Senate 2022 Campaign Ad - VIDEO

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  2. I'm predicting another major attack by ISIS/Taliban/Whoever on 9/11.

    "Twenty years later and we can still hit you at will."