Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Well I'm in Facebook jail again.

So maybe I'll be more active on this crappy little blog if anyone out there still follows anyone anymore.

What I've been doing while ignoring this blog is working, trying to get Snakebit Acres looking like someone actually cares about it.
The wife (who's now an American citizen) got the paperwork to make us a non-profit donkey rescue and we have 8 donkeys of all sizes, the 8 mini horses she came home with when the donkey she was originally going to rescue died.

And her chickens.

I finally got the welding trailer made- out of scrap metal and the fire suppression system actually works. It'll work better when I get that new bung nut and can tighten the lower fittings without stripping the threads.

Now that I have a usable welder I can make a new flatbed for the one ton, try to figure how to make a wood post driver for the tractor and weld up the pipe for the new fence (which is why I wanted a fire suppression system).

Anyway, that's about all for the updates.
Crappy writing and stupid political posts on the horizon- maybe.


  1. Still in NC? When you get out of FB jail, give me a friend request.

  2. That's okay all the cool kids have FB jail tats. :)

  3. I imagine Facebook Jail is much like solitary confinement, without important necessities such as up to date notifications from friends with Candy Crush.

    Congratulations on the welder. Few things seem so important, until the only repair requires melting steel.

  4. you are on my reading list. You write interesting stuff. Since you ain't been here since almost forever, you've been moved down the row a bit.