Monday, July 30, 2018

The same people who ruined the gas can

And forced us to put food in put gas tanks because of political payback the Earth! (I lost 3.5MPG in my S-10 as soon as they did it).

Have now decided to mandate "anti-rollover" technology in big trucks.
Basically it works with sensors reading how level the bed is and adjusts air in the airbag suspension.

But we deliver liquids in your straight trucks and the suspension is working overtime to try keeping the bed level. I feel like Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit jerking that steering wheel all over to keep going in a straight line.

BUT after driving with it, I'm sure the law of unintended consequences will come into play in the snow and ice as the back gets kicked around on snow and ice.

Or make a wreck even worse.....
If it leans too far, them it shoots air to the low side. Which it looks like happened here with the famous Lowe's truck wreck.


  1. Government mandates steadily increase the cost of freight. Between unjustified licensing requirements, increased truck prices, and the lack of drivers, everything we consume, or require, constantly becomes more expensive.

    With the increase of AI, lack of drivers, and unsustainable freight increases, the future will probably bring something similar to the railroads, with the same problems associated with large, cumbersome organizations that can give a rodent's fanny about how it affects consumers.

    Personally, my solution, which requires culling about 90 percent of government, looks much better. Bureaucrats, politicians, and ignorant voters are much more dangerous than any truck.

  2. That Lowes truck is a local delivery vehicle. It doesn't have air bag suspension, nor any anti-rollover technology except a driver.

    Straight trucks are not included in the ESC mandate.

    While your point is good, your use of inaccurate information negates it.

    1. Our companies new 2018 Kenworths of the 12K and 20K flavor have the active suspension. They are used for local deliveries.

      Which is how I know how they handle with a liquid load