Wednesday, July 04, 2018

In case you were wondering

A 1999 C/K 3500 needs a 5/32 open end wrench to loosen the negative terminal.

That way the horn shuts off because someone left the drivers window open for three days and when our thunderstorm hit- the steering wheel got wet enough to complete the horn circuit.

We're finally getting that rain that everyone in Texas has been getting all morning.

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  1. 5/32nds or 5/16ths? I believe it is an 8mm bolt head for the GM side posts and 8mm is 0.315" while 5/16ths is 0.3125 so a 5/16ths tool is a tight fit on an 8mm bolt and an 8mm tool is a loose fit on a 5/16ths bolt. Similarly 19mm is 0.748" so it can be used on a 3/4".