Friday, July 20, 2018

Dear Steering wheel holders

Yes you two parked side by side in the fuel island at the Love's about an hour south of San Antonio.

You were doing such a good job of living up to your companys' reputation.
Parked there next to each other from the time I pulled behind a flatbed till I got done fueling and actually was able to pull ahead and let someone else fill up while I went inside.

And still there with not a driver steering wheel holder in site when I came out- and you weren't at the fuel desk.
Maybe you were new drivers and were never told about driver courtesy, but at least you'll be seeing the good advice for you every time you walk to your ride......

Swing Wide, It's a Fucking Trailer.


  1. Because of muppets such as these, truck stops infuriate me and cause my blood pressure to skyrocket. Therefore I go to Speedways to fuel. No lines, no morons, no rage. Life is beautiful.