Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wine spodd-odee drinking wine, wine, pass that bottle to me!

So we meet our little yeasties, who have been doing a bang-up job in their little dark pot all week and start preparing for the next step.

I would say I racked the first ferment into the second ferment chamber, but in actuality- I scooped most of the big floating things off the top and poured the rest through a strainer into am enameled two gallon pot.

Then I poured the whole thing through a filter I made from the sleeve of a worn out shirt (after steeping it in bleach-water Friday night.

After straining and coaxing the rest of the fluids out of the strainer, adding 2 cups of sugar and about another quart of distilled ware, we got about two gallons.

Coloration-wise, I'm going to call it a nice shade of Magenta


  1. Wait, what? You used bleach as a cleaner for your wine filtration and now you are complaining that your yeast didn't work? Have you done that before with success or is it possible that there was some bleach still in the system?

    1. If you rinse it out thoroughly, it's fine.

      It turns out that I didn't have a good seal on the carboy and the 1 1/2 gal of wine gave enough room for the CO2 to not make the water lock bubble.

      It's a very dry sparkling wine right now.