Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tuna wine

No, not the fish- the cactus fruit.
Add boiling water- listen to them scream!

When they stop screaming (or are cool enough to peel) get your TSA "two by two, hands of blue" puncture resistant gloves on (but their not, I'm still working stickers out of my fingers) and start the slaughter.
Then start to break down the suspects in boiling water with a potato masher.
I read that too much boiling does something bad, so I just brought it to a boil and turned it kill the bad stuff I didn't want.
Bring your ingredients together, and mix when cool enough not to murder the little yeasties.

And now we wait.

This better be good, because we have buttloads of this on the farm...

Right now it's sitting in a nice dark, coolish corner with a towel over it.
Next week (maybe) when it settles down, we'll rack it and add about two cups of sugar (and maybe some limes or oranges- someone said it needed citric acid) THEN begin the real fermenting :-D

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