Sunday, August 03, 2014

So.... According to this chart....

we may as well just raise chickens because they're easier to take care of than rabbits and just as tasteless and lacking mouth feel....

The only real drawback with chickens is that we won't have soft leather to use...I guess.


  1. Chickens are scavengers, and they're filthy. I have, in recent years, seen chickens playing tug-o-war over a half rotted snake that both wanted to eat. No, thank you. *shudders*

  2. Food is a filtration system for things you cannot eat yourself.

    Most meat is from something eating something you can't or won't.

    The maker of that chart doesn't understand the difference between pets and stock.

  3. in a grid down teotwawki situation it looks like I want to raise pigs though rabbits are nicer to hug!

  4. A chicken, while alive, produces eggs, nice, neat little food units. When she stops producing eggs, she's the subject of a tasty meal.

    Rabbits don't lay eggs. All you can do is eat them.

    I've raised both.


  5. But with the chickens you get feathers, and you could make pillows! Plus, if the chickens ever get loose, they won't multiply like, um, rabbits, and so won't eat all of everyone else's gardens!

    PS found your site from Lonely Libertarian's site