Saturday, August 23, 2014

At the ranch today

Well I was supposed to be at the ranch with a rented backhoe, but work interfered.
So I at least got to the rental co. before they delivered it- and don't have to pay the daily rental :-)

Instead I got to go to the yard and drive NI-35 south from the yard to work (twice).

I don't know who is the brain that decided to close off three out of four lanes of IH-35N on a Saturday morning when kids are relocating for school and other people are getting in the last minute ...togetherness.

I would have posted a video of that 6 mile long parking lot on my last trip, but by the time i was in my own truck, they'd just broken the dam, and vehicles were still at a stand-still. Don't know if it was a wreck, or another traffic "improvement"................ but I was heading south, and I knew that was clear..because I'd done that run twice already today.

But it's 8 hrs OT.


  1. It was 'road construction' - or so the signs stated. Fortunately I have learned a couple of work arounds (assisted by a really good GPS) for such instances and was only about 10 minutes late getting to the gun show in New Braunfels (first one they have had there in at least 20 years)..............

    1. I passed the first set between Thousand oaks and Westbound 410 twice (came back via 90 & 1604).
      I was just leaving for the last time when all the traffic that was backed-up west of 1604 looked like there was another cluster around 3009 when I left Selma at 3PM.