Sunday, December 08, 2013

So yesterday we went to the funshow

I parked out of the way, in back, in the last row.
Karen got a box of .357 JHP to feed her Christmas present, and although I was ready to by a cheap less expensive Rock Island Armory 1911 in either .45 or 9MM, but even though I *know* they are secure- I just couldn't make myself send all that gun-show-loophole information through the air...........

So as we were leaving and Karen rounded the last row of cars, she said "LOOK! Your surrounded by the Black Fleet."
That's a black Dodge, me, a black Suburban and a black F-150.........


  1. I was thinking of picking up a Rock Island in .45 acp myself. I heard you can upgrade them gradually with better parts and make one hell of a pistol.

    1. They were there from $410 and up. 9MM and .45's.
      from what I read and hear, they aren't really that bad from the far as fit and reliability.