Monday, December 16, 2013

Age test

Who here knows what this is?
I gave one to SiL when he went to San Diego for Basic.

Told him you probably won't need it to eat anymore, but it still can help time a ma-Deuce.
He asked "What's a ma-Deuce?"

I told him- "You'll find out ;-)"


  1. It's an Ernie Pyle

  2. That there is a twin engined WW2 fighter plane!


    That's not right.

    It's a deadly assault weapon!

  3. My P 38 is German made. Used to have some of those, but alas, they shuffled off into the land of lost objects a long time ago.

  4. I need to get more of them. I have one on each keychain, but the kids need some now.

  5. I used to eat C-Rats with the Marines back when I was a Gator Navy sailor. They said the the little cans of peanut butter made good cooking fuel if you dropped a heat tab in it. Also used to find various c-rat cans while hiking at Fort Story.

  6. Hi Max,
    'Got a bunch at the "Gun Show." Yup, the P-38 aka the "John Wayne." Still have a couple still wrapped in the brown paper wrapper that came in the bottom of the boxes of C-Rats! That was from my "Gator Navy" daze '68-'70. Several mfgr's made them, the ones that were made by Shelby are good! 'Still have the original one I had on my dog hook key chain when I was on the USS Princeton LPH-5 Viet Nam Cruise '68. 'Still works just like it did back then!

    PS, 'Wonder if the TSA considers these a "Tactical Weapon??"

  7. Now you need a good sturdy knife to open field rations. That plastic is tough.


  8. Looks like a good old P-38 can opener to me. I still have my dad's Korean War era one and I bought packs of surplus ones over the years for stocking stuffers.

  9. I've one of the mega-sized ones. It works, too! Went for jury duty, complete with the metal detector. They took my 2" Swiss Army Knife for 'safekeeping' and ignored the P-38!

  10. Everyone should have ten or twelve of those spread around the house/trucks.

  11. Got the regular and the large one in the storm box. Carried one on keychains for years. C-rats.... damn we're old farts. I was lucky enough to be in armor so we had ways to warm 'em. They were almost edible when warmed. Almost. Funny what you'll choke down when you're cold and hungry enough.

  12. It's a P-38 can opener. (And a 'John Wayne' was one of those C-Ration chocolate bars).

    It's a screwdriver, a scraper, times Browning MG's and sets the gap on the M48 tank's 90mm gun.

    And you can open cans with it.


  13. never leaves my keychain, which never leaves my side!

  14. Have carried one since 1980! Still have one on my dog tags and one on my key ring, a very useful tool.

    P-38 can opener


  15. Still carrying one with my keys. Every once in a while...

  16. I know what it is but not where I can get a new one!

    1. Go to a gun show.
      E-bay probably has them, too


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