Monday, December 23, 2013


So farging clueless on both sides of this article begging to be snarked.

About "Angry white men holding Hte iWON back.

"...US left’s difficulties reflect the faults of the people in the White House, the ferocity of their well-funded rightwing opposition, or some combination of the two."

Dude! That ferocity is from the RINOs who ball-up into a fetal position after some half-hearted attemt at dammage control and let you Liberals have their way in Congress.

" Activists and public intellectuals have provided a push from below – and from the bookstores. But Mr Obama has received relatively little assistance of this kind (Occupy Wall Street came and went, kids). There has been no Martin Luther King to his Lyndon Johnson, no John Maynard Keynes to his Franklin Roosevelt."

Keerist guy- you have the entire news media pulling for you . Pluss the entire Hollywood machine working on your side, how much more help do you think you need?

 "Kimmel’s starting point is a familiar one on the left. He believes that many downwardly mobile white men are rightfully angry but blame the wrong kinds of people (blacks, Jews, women and homosexuals) for their problems. To this, he adds a gender studies spin: Much of the white male anger stems from a failure to appreciate that feminism liberates men as well as women –"

And here we get them confusing Liberals with Conservatives, and not for the last time.

"Moreover, the deeper Kimmel goes into these hearts of darkness, the more likely he is to get lost. In a paragraph suggesting that both campus cultures and global media play a role in school shootings by angry boys, Kimmel’s sentences twist and turn so relentlessly that the reader is left bobbing in the stream of his consciousness, struggling for breath."

See what I mean about swapping Liberal and Conservative places? Conservatives on campus and in world media have some control???? SRSLY?


  1. It's as if they always have to fall back on their standard reason for failure - white people - and thereby avoid the real reason, which is their own flawed ideology. They will never learn.

    1. They don't have to learn, because with the SCoaMF getting re-elected- it works.


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