Friday, November 01, 2013

You really have to admire my self restraint.

Because when I came around the back of the house to finish demoing the existing porch- I found this first-
And I said- I don't remember working with anything white, then I saw the back door-

The ONLY reason he's still alive is that I don't want to hear"You killed Goliath" the next time a Welsh-woman gets drunk.

I got the old porch down and reframed like it should have been to start and now I just have to deck it.

THEN, since it's a mobile home....... reframe the entire rear of the house to accept a full size door that cost $120 that I shouldn't have had to fuck with.


  1. I do admire your restraint. I have a hole in the floor I need to fix as our biggest dog got upset she couldn't go to town. Right through the floor tile to the under floor right next to the door. However in recompense, her front claws don't need to be trimmed now.

  2. Soooo....
    What was eatin' your door,dude?
    Maybe I'm a little slow here.

    1. A huge 95lb pussy of a dog who decide he wanted in.